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Jhumka Bazar is undoubtedly an “epitome” of high-quality fine jewellery with salient and well-crafted designs. We believe jewellery is an extension of ourselves, and for that very reason, all our pieces embody art and the rich culture of India that you can embrace. We are an international brand based out of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

Jhumka Bazar is born out of our passion for fashion and never-ending love for jewellery. We understand the power of jewellery to be this little thing that can make one feel unique and confident. That’s why we work to blend modern trends with our heritage to deliver the jewellery you love to wear and embrace. Our aim from day one has always been to ensure that all pieces are an everlasting part of your wardrobe.

We at Jhumka Bazzar are zealous about establishing a timeless brand based on the need and the demand of our loyal customers. Our exquisite jewellery line includes jhumkas, Tikkas, contemporary chokers, Indian necklaces and statement earrings. Our jewellery line is deeply rooted in elegance, simplicity, affordability, high-quality craftmanship, uniqueness and reliability.

We aim to preserve the essence of Indian culture and beliefs through our flawless designs.

Jhumka Bazar closely connects with the new age Indian woman who is not only Beautiful, Intelligent, speaks her mind but is also well versed in Indian Values.

We are focused not on just delivering products but also trying to enhance customer experience & strive to make each customer interaction a pleasing experience for our customers. If you are looking for a jewellery shopping experience that saves time, energy and money, Jhumka Bazar is your choice.

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